We, O’olBlue are confident we are the merry developers of ideals with the most freedom on the Ocean of Game business and striving to develop the game with joy and pure passion. We have dreamed about the world where everybody enjoys our game and, we strongly believe that we can achieve it through our steady innovations, efforts in making charming contents, and creativity from freedom.


Early history

The O’olBlue rattled up its anchor in March 2013 with its first Character Collection Battle RPG, MIghty Quest, that was available as a mobile game, and then we started to work in the launch of our second mobile RPG Hunters League on One Store! The following year, we launched Hunters League on Google Play and Apple App Store! The Hunters League is mobile RPG which is designed for letting our users enjoy up-tempo and stylish action RPG pleasantly, and luckily, it has been favorably reviewed and played by over 800 thousand users around the world!

A new challenge!

And we just have taken a step to our news challenge, MINImax Tinyverse! MIMImax Tinyverse is a real-time tower-rush brawler at the tiny world where you watch and assist the realms you like! We are sure that MINImax has many distinguished characteristic from other games, and contains our own philosophies. Unlike the other tower-rush games, you have to guide and help your units, instead of reigning on them. You have no direct control of your champion or troopers – they automatically walking across the arena into battle. You can affect the battle in different ways though, with you able to do things like lift the champion into the air and place him/her somewhere else, activate the champion’s special skills or even use mighty miracles such as summoning walls to block in your opponent or stairs to aid your troops’ assault. Sounds cool, isn’t it? So, please keep watching out for us!



Hunters League Trailer YouTube

MINImax Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Hunters League Launch." - March, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "I don’t wanna conquer anything! It’s just that the person with the most freedom on the sea is the Pirate King!"
    - Monkey. D. Luffy, One Piece,

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Nam Seok Kim | DiabloTheFun
CEO / Executive Producer

Seong-Hoon Song
Game Director

Deok Su Lee | porksoda
Art Director

Lim Lim

Jin Ju Kim
3D Character Modeler

Young Koo Jang | nGenius
Lead Client Programmer

Min-Woo Park
Lead Server Programmer

Daejong Gil
Server Programmer

Seung Ho Choi | Matthew

Hyo Jong Chu | Rabiante
VFX / Concept Artist

Jae Hyeong Lee
3D Environment Modeler

Hong Chul Chung

Min Kim
Jedi Master (UI/UX/Chore)

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