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December 26th 2018

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MINImax Tinyverse, the real-time tower-rush brawler. Watch and assist your favorite champions as they battle for the realms of Tinyverse. In MINImax Tinyverse you take part in 1v1 battles between armies of tiny little beings. Each army is led by a powerful champion with unique skills and attributes, and supported by a wide range of troopers who fight alongside you and your Champion. Choose between Aillai and Creaea, the two Realms of the Tinyverse and assist your forces to defeat the enemy’s army. Without controlling the troopers, you will have to influence your champion, and shape the flow of the battle with your strategical selection of characters and your skillful control of miracles to alter the map’s condition.


Early history

In the hot summer of 2017, the core members of MINImax Tinyverse gathered and after some philosophical discussions about gaming and the universe, they came up with the idea of making a game where we, normal people out there in the world, would be helping tiny little beings in a belligerant struggle that has been ongoing for centuries. This Tiny universe would be located inside of a hard-to-find antique shop where only those customers who visit there will be able to be part of the war between realms of the Tinyverse. The game developing process of this beautiful and realistic fantasy started short after that summer, and from that moment the MINImax Tinyverse community started to grow in the official Discord. Now, MINImax Tinyverse is opening Beta testing periods each months until its release to share and grow as a fun game together with its community and its antique shop will always have the doors opened for you to join in.


  • In MINImax Tinyverse you (the “max”) participate in battles between armies of tiny 2-5 cm tall beings called MINIs.
  • You can select a powerful champion with unique skills, and troopers to fight alongside to earn victory for the realm.
  • You have no direct control of your champion or troopers, and they will move and act mostly on their own.
  • However, you can affect the battle in different ways like picking up your Champion and placing him somewhere else or activating his/her powerful skills.
  • Or you can even use "miracles" such as a giant fireball falling from the sky, a crayon-made wall to block the enemies' way or stairs to facilitate your attack.
  • MINImax Tinyverse will be adding a 3D Replay feature were you can rewatch your matches and share them with your friends.
  • And if you like streaming games, make sure to check MINImax Verified Streamer partnership to know more about how to become an official MINImax Tinyverse Streamer.


MINImax Trailer YouTube

MINImax Tinyverse Character Introduction YouTube

Vlog by Devs YouTube



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Monetization Permission

O'ol Blue Inc. allows for the contents of MINImax Tinyverse to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from MINImax Tinyverse is legally & explicitly allowed by O'ol Blue Inc. This permission might be subjected to changes in the future.

About O'ol Blue Inc.

We, O’olBlue are confident we are the merry developers of ideals with the most freedom on the Ocean of Game business and striving to develop the game with joy and pure passion. We have dreamed about the world where everybody enjoys our game and, we strongly believe that we can achieve it through our steady innovations, efforts in making charming contents, and creativity from freedom.

More information
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MINImax Credits

Nam Seok Kim | DiabloTheFun
CEO / Executive Producer

Seong-Hoon Song
Game Director

Deok Su Lee | porksoda
Art Director

Lim Lim

Jin Ju Kim
3D Character Modeler

Young Koo Jang | nGenius
Lead Client Programmer

Min-Woo Park
Lead Server Programmer

Daejong Gil
Server Programmer

Seung Ho Choi | Matthew

Hyo Jong Chu | Rabiante
VFX / Concept Artist

Jae Hyeong Lee
3D Environment Modeler

Hong Chul Chung

Min Kim
Jedi Master (UI/UX/Chore)

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